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Something New... What Will It Be?

After spending 3 nights in a row creating one simple screencast (1 the recording failed, 2 the video was fine but the audio was quiet, 3 the audio was fixed), I didn’t feel like messing with videos another night. So, this time we’re going to do something a little different. Normally I (and now a few other contributors) write about whatever suits our fancy. This time, you – the audience and reason for the existence of this blog – all decide.

Recording Software Fail

Does anyone know any good FREE screencast recording software? I’ve been using Camstudio for a while and with my first 5 tutorials it seemed great. Now it randomly decides to hate me and flash black screens in the middle of recording. I’ve finally gotten to the point of starting the Backbone App video tutorial series but I can’t get the recording to work right, so it’s delayed until I can find something that works. If I can’t find something within 24 hours, you’ll receive written tutorial for something else instead until I can find a solution.

Calling All JavaScript Writers

Keeping a blog maintained solo, while creating useful projects and making updates to the design of the site, can be quite the stressful for a husband and father. I’m having a hard time keeping up the pace. I started this blog because I love JavaScript and I wanted to help other JavaScripters keep up with the times and learn, but now I need some help fulfilling that dream. If you know anything about JavaScript and can write relatively well, I’d like to hear from you.