About This Site

About This Site

The Mission

This site is all about bringing the best practices of modern web development into the hands of as many developers as possible. There are a LOT of blogs out there showing a lot of different things - some good and some bad - and this blog strives to only show the good things. The articles on this site may not always be best-practice tutorials, but also newly released (or newly discovered) libraries/frameworks that show promise, and other things going on in the world of the writers and the entire web.

The Beginnings

This site made its debut in July of 2011, with just a single post per month. Starting the next January, I started writing 2 posts every week. There was too much to write about to keep only posting once per month. Then in August 2012, the posts dropped to one per week due to tighter time constraints from a new job. 2012 was the glory year for this site.

Then came March 2013. The site’s maintainer and primary author, Joe Zimmerman, decided to make the site a lower priority. Family and writing for other blogs would take a higher precedence. For more information on this change, you can read this post.

The Current Situation

Posts will come when Joe has the time to write for this blog and when others wish to contribute their own work to the blog. The blog is wide open to contributors who have something of value to deliver to the JavaScript community. You may not see a post for a few months, or you could see several in the same month, but you won’t likely see much consistency. What you can count on is high quality articles on JavaScript web development.