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Spinal Surgery: Upgrade to Backbone 1.0

Hey everyone! Backbone 1.0 has been released! I just happened to pop by their site and see that 1.0 is official, so I have no idea how long it has been out. Why didn’t anyone tell me?!?!? Anyway, there may be some of you out there wondering what this new version brings and how they can update their apps to bring in all the new awesomeness. Well, let’s take a gander at this new stuff.

JZ Publish/Subscribe Updated to 1.4

One of the projects here on Joe Zim’s JavaScript blog is a Pub/Sub jQuery plugin that allows you to do the simple and generic subscribe, unsubscribe, and publish capabilities that you already find in jQuery (through on/bind, off/unbind, and trigger) but without all the extra overhead that jQuery has. JZ Publish/Subscribe has been updated to 1.4 and features a simple bug fix. You can also read about what to expect in 2.0, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for it.

New Project Page: JZ Parse URL

It’s taken too long, but it’s finally completed. The project page for JZ Parse URL is up with full documentation. You can also find it listed on the projects page. Along with this new project comes a few minor changes to the way the project pages are done: files will no longer be directly downloadable from the site, but instead everything is done on GitHub. Also, I’ve decided to make the documentation in the JavaScript files more minimal and instead just link to the project pages. This update will happen soon and will not bring a new version number.

Rise and Shine JavaScript Blog

As promised/foretold, Joe Zim’s JavaScript Blog has a shiny new face! I spent way too many hours creating this theme so that you fine people could enjoy this JavaScript blog without straining yourselves from staring at the eyesore that we had previously. I hope everyone appreciates the effort put forth and enjoys the new shine.

JZ Publish/Subscribe jQuery Plugin Version 1.3 Released

It’s been a little while since I’ve taken a look at JZ Publish/Subscribe, but recently I had a great idea to fix a problem I was having trouble solving. Mix that in with a few more bits of context capability and you have the version 1.3 release of JZ Publish/Subscribe. Go ahead and read a little more to get the scoop on this great idea and how it will make using JZ Publish/Subscribe more stable.

JZ Publish/Subscribe Version 1.2 Released

It’s a great day here at Joe Zim’s JavaScript Blog and surely a great day for the users of the JZ Publish/Subscribe jQuery plugin. This plugin has now been updated to version 1.2 and has gained probably the best feature it could gain at this point in its life and something that, arguably, maybe should have already been included with the plugin.