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August Update: Appliness and js13kGames

There are a couple of cool things going on around the internet that I felt should be shared with all of you. First of all is Appliness, a digital, monthly web development magazine that pools some of the greatest articles from around the web and compiles them into an interactive book. Second is a JavaScript and HTML5 game competition known as js13kGames. Too many lower case letters there if you ask me.

$script.js vs RequireJS: Dependency Management Comparisons

As JavaScript moves further and further away from the playground programming language that it used to be, and is used more and more as the core for large-scale applications, managing the code starts to become extremely difficult. Splitting the code into multiple files helps with that, though it also adds more complexity in a different way. One way to fight this new complexity is with dependency management libraries, but which one is right for you?

Let's Start This Off ($script.js)

This is my first blog post ever, which goes without saying that this is my first blog post on this blog. I figure I’ll start off strong with a new development in JavaScript. If you’ve gotten into JavaScript development and also tried enhancing performance on sites that use Javascript, you probably already know that when the browser downloads a JavaScript file, it is executed immediately. While JavaScript is being executed, the browser will stop downloading resources such as images and style sheets. This can be really painful on sites that use a large amount of JavaScript because it can seem to bring the browser to a halt.