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Using jQuery to Delay SharePoint Navigation Hover

SharePoint is a separate kind of beast. You would think you could easily go make adjustments but it’s not always the case. The problem is when you come to the point where you need to do a SharePoint migration and need to rewrite all your code. However, that is a whole other story. In this article the problem I want to solve is the annoying drop down menu in SharePoint Publishing sites that shows up way too quickly and therefore annoys our End Users who accidently hover over it.

The JavaScript Power of Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap has a lot to offer to make the creation of web applications simpler, especially in the way of visual design, but it’s not all HTML and CSS. Twitter Bootstrap offers some very nice functionality built in via some jQuery plugins. Everything from Tooltips to modal boxes, from scroll spying to carousels, there are some very useful tools here to ease your development.

Impressive Presentations With Impress.js and Extensions

Recently, there have been numerous JavaScript libraries released that make creating presentations in the web browser _somewhat_simple, and many geeks are jumping on the chance to depend less on Microsoft and start using their web development skills in new domains. This is an introduction to one of those libraries and a demonstration on how to extend it to make your job as a presenter even easier.

You're Using jQuery.html() Wrong!

Well, you probably are doing it wrong. jQuery’s html function is a very nice way to replace the contents of an element with new contents. Its usefulness is supposedly limited, though, according to the API documentation for this method. Every day jQuery users use this powerful method in a way that it was never meant to be used, and it works, but does that mean we should still do it?

Backbone.js (Sub)View Rendering Trick

In Backbone.js, rendering views is really simple, yet not so much. It’s simple because Backbone doesn’t force you into doing it any specific way, so you have freedom to just use a bit of jQuery and dump the HTML into an element. Then again, since it doesn’t implement anything on its own, we’re stuck writing our own implementations, making it more difficult than it could otherwise be. In the case of rendering subviews, things can definitely get a little more difficult.

Backbone Application Walkthrough Part 5: RequireJS - Video Tutorial

Finally! We’ve made it to the end of the Backbone.js Application Walkthrough video tutorial series. In this final video, we make few small adjustments for the sake of organization and a bunch of other changes that convert the application to work using RequireJS. Almost every file gets touched in this video, but each only receives minor changes in order to create an overall major change in modularity and optimization.

Backbone Application Walkthrough Part 4: It Lives! - Video Tutorial

We’ve made it to part 4 of this Backbone application walkthrough series. This time we finally get the app to do something worthwhile… like work! The application finally lives as we implement the router and hit the “GO” button. Check out the power of the router and don’t forget that just because it’s running, does not mean we’re done. The next and final video in this series converts the application to work with AMD and RequireJS.

Backbone.js Application Walkthrough Part 2: Views and Templates – Video Tutorial

We’re moving right along in our video series of tutorials walking you through the process of writing a Backbone.js application. Today we cover the views and embedded templates. There are a number of views here, all pulling from the same models and collections of wine. You’ll see each view, what it’s for, and how it works its magic. Click on through for this long look at Backbone.js views and templates.

Backbone.js Application Walkthrough Part 1: HTML and Models - Video Tutorial

The day everyone has long been waiting for has finally arrived. I’ve just started the first part of a series of posts walking through how to build an actual application using the Backbone.js JavaScript MVC framework. With this first piece of the puzzle I cover the structure of the application and get you started with some HTML plus the model and collection JavaScript code. Let’s take a look!

Programmatic JavaScript Templating With Buildr

We’ve all heard of Templating, heck I’ve written about templating. Templating is a great way to write HTML that is designed to be manipulated and inserted into a document via JavaScript, but it has a very annoying caveat: it’s a huge pain to make templates external. They pretty much have to be inline, which doesn’t allow you to maintain them separately. That’s all about to change.