Speed Up jQuery Development With CodeLobster

jQuery is, for the modern JavaScript developer, an essential library to master. It comes fully-featured with all the DOM manipulation, event management and AJAX functionality that today’s web applications require. But JavaScript’s dynamic nature means that coding can be a drag. When you can’t tell your this from your that, you need professional-grade tooling like CodeLobster to fit the pieces.

CodeLobster is a multi-language IDE, originally built for PHP, but with increasingly strong JavaScript support. It offers a silver bullet to JavaScript developers in the shape of full support for jQuery and static DOM analysis. CodeLobster boasts content assist on jQuery libraries as well as CSS selectors, plus in-context help to give you easy access to documentation when you need it. Soon this support will extend to other JavaScript libraries, including ExtJS, through extensible plugins.


Adding jQuery

Adding jQuery to your project in CodeLobster is as easy as var x=3. Simply click on Plugins -> jQuery -> Download Library, and follow the prompts to calibrate the download. You’ll be done within a minute.

Once jQuery has been added, you’ll benefit from code assist and dynamic help on all jQuery APIs. CodeLobster will auto-complete library calls on the bling-bling object itself, so you’ll never again have to remember what API signatures (nor how they change across different versions).

Support in IDEs for dynamic languages like JavaScript – and indeed PHP – has traditionally been ropey at best, but CodeLobster helps to empower the programmer. It gives you the kind of rich tooling support you’d expect from a modern IDE, including syntax highlighting and code folding.

As well as providing jQuery support, CodeLobster is a fully-featured IDE for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and PHP. It comes with built-in support for a number of CMS platforms – including Drupal, Joomla, and Symfony – with automatic project generation, plus code-assist support for each framework’s core libraries.


To write the killer code for your killer app in the 21st Century, you need red-hot tooling. Try Code Lobster for free (premium services available for a one-time payment, see details here) and see how it can ease your development cycle.

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