2 JavaScript Resources You May Have Never Seen

The internet is full of great JavaScript resources, many of which I’m sure are well known by a large portion of the JavaScript developer community. There are, however, a few places that are especially good but go unnoticed by the majority of the world. Here, I wish to bring to light two of those resources in the hopes that their efforts would affect the community in a more substantial way.

JavaScript the Right Way

I came across this site because I saw some traffic coming in from it in my analytics. JavaScript the Right Way is a work-in-progress community-built site. Here’s what it has to say about itself:

Since JavaScript is one of the most popular languages nowadays, there’s a lot of obsolete and wrong information about it on the web. This makes new developers propagate bad practices and bad code. This must stop. JS: The Right Way is an easy-to-read, quick reference for JS best practices, accepted coding standards, and links around the Web.

It’s an interesting concept that is akin to the Mozilla Developer Network, except with slightly less ambitious overall goals, but it’s still setting itself up to be a really awesome place to send newbs and not-so-newbs alike to pick up on some great tips and lessons. Show your support by contributing a bit!

HTML5 Bookmarks

This site here is a completely different monster. HTML5 Bookmarks does 2 things.

  1. They have a very large list of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript frameworks, tools, generators, engines, etc. So if you’re looking for something new to try out, I’d look here first. The list of tools and resources here contains nearly 100 items. Find something they don’t have that you believe is worthy of being included? Send them an email and I bet they’ll include it.
  2. This may be even better than the large list of awesome tools: an HTML5 blog feed aggregator. Ok, there may be tons of these around the web, but I really like this one (and not just because they recently added my site to their feed). It’s a great place to go if you’re bored and hoping to read something cool about web technologies.


Today’s post is quite a bit shorter than usual – especially after the last two posts – but I just really wanted to get the news out about these sites. When I saw that their traffic was so low, I knew I had to spread the word and this is the best way I could think of. I hope these two sites offer some web development goodness to you. God bless and happy coding.

Author: Joe Zimmerman

Author: Joe Zimmerman Joe Zimmerman has been doing web development ever since he found an HTML book on his dad's shelf when he was 12. Since then, JavaScript has grown in popularity and he has become passionate about it. He also loves to teach others though his blog and other popular blogs. When he's not writing code, he's spending time with his wife and children and leading them in God's Word.