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requestAnimationFrame: Video Introduction to New Animation Techniques

The arrival of requestAnimationFrame gives browsers the ability to throttle animations to save them from devouring system resources, especially when they aren’t actually being shown on the screen. Knowing this, we need to learn how to use it and then actually start utilizing this new tool for the benefit of our users. For this very reason, I decided to make this short video tutorial explaining how requestAnimationFrame can be used in the animations on your applications.

Sleek Animations With requestAnimationFrame

In the world of JavaScript, animation has always been a nuisance. We’ve relied on setTimeout and setInterval for longer than we care to recall. We’ve trusted the millisecond intervals to always be hit right on the mark, even though we all knew that in all likelihood the computer would be so busy with something else that it’d miss the mark we set for it. No longer! We will set aside our old ways and look forward to a great and glorious JavaScript animation future through the use of requestAnimationFrame!