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JavaScript Fundamentals: Objects

JavaScript is an interesting language. It is quite different from any other language I’ve used, and it takes a while to really notice and understand the nuances if you don’t have a good way of learning. I’ve decided to start a Fundamentals series to help push the more basic knowledge out to a wider public, since I’ve noticed many non-expert JavaScript programmers frequenting the blog. Today, we’ll start with Objects.

Backbone.js Application Walkthrough Part 3: New View and External Templating – Video Tutorial

Moving on to part 3 of the Backbone Application Walkthrough video series, we work on moving all of the templates to external files to reduce the dependency on the templates being included in the index.html file and so that they might become available if we use these views on different pages. Also, I added an extra view that wasn’t in the original application because, as you’ll see in the video, it makes things a little nicer.

Backbone.js Application Walkthrough Part 2: Views and Templates – Video Tutorial

We’re moving right along in our video series of tutorials walking you through the process of writing a Backbone.js application. Today we cover the views and embedded templates. There are a number of views here, all pulling from the same models and collections of wine. You’ll see each view, what it’s for, and how it works its magic. Click on through for this long look at Backbone.js views and templates.

Backbone.js Application Walkthrough Part 1: HTML and Models - Video Tutorial

The day everyone has long been waiting for has finally arrived. I’ve just started the first part of a series of posts walking through how to build an actual application using the Backbone.js JavaScript MVC framework. With this first piece of the puzzle I cover the structure of the application and get you started with some HTML plus the model and collection JavaScript code. Let’s take a look!