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JavaScript Fundamentals: Variables

I have never heard of a language that doesn’t use variables, and JavaScript is definitely not an exception to that. Variables are handled differently in each language and to become a true JavaScript expert you’ll need to understand how JavaScript handles variables too. For the most part it’s very straightforward, but there are plenty of “gotchas” you’ll want to be aware of.

JavaScript Fundamentals: Functions

In JavaScript, functions are an integral part of development. They are what contain all of our amazing functionality (hence the name function) and run it whenever we deem worthy. With functions we can make code nonlinear, more organized, and easier to understand. We can also do some crazy stuff with functional programming.

JavaScript Fundamentals: Objects

JavaScript is an interesting language. It is quite different from any other language I’ve used, and it takes a while to really notice and understand the nuances if you don’t have a good way of learning. I’ve decided to start a Fundamentals series to help push the more basic knowledge out to a wider public, since I’ve noticed many non-expert JavaScript programmers frequenting the blog. Today, we’ll start with Objects.